Are You Feeling Daring Due TO Fall?

Are you feeling daring this fall?  Why not choose an adventurous hair color for the Spooky Season? Try these 9 fearless bold options that Satin Hair Color has to offer: 

·        Purple 

·        Dark Violet 

·        Magenta 

·        Dark Blue 


·        Royal Blue 

·        Dark Sea Green 

·        Plum Red 

·        Ruby Red 

·        Titanium Silver 

Looking for a luscious red for your Ariel, Jessica Rabbit, or Jean Grey costume?  Try Satin’s Ruby Red color (as shown in the photo), for the perfect showstopper. For highly pigmented and vibrant results, use Satin’s 10 Volume Developer with Satin’s bold color.  Don’t worry about your bold color fading quickly, Satin Hair Color provides fade-resistant hair color in every application, with its rich Italian-pigmented hues.  Satin products even provide the best coverage for curly, straight, or textured hair.  

You can even feel confident that you will get 100% coverage from each application and sensational color results. Each tube has a 1:2 mixing ratio, allowing up to 3 applications per tube.  Don’t stop with just one color, exercise those creative muscles and make your personalized color.  Each Satin Hair Color can be customized by mixing colors and selecting a developer of your choice. This also turns any color into a permanent or demi-permanent color. In fact, Satin has over 70 color options to choose from. 


If you don’t want to be Ariel forever, you can quickly change your bold color into something traditional or trendy, by using Satin’s Color Reverse. This hair color remover will revert you back to your last processed color, allowing you to recolor your hair the same day. So, what color will you choose for Halloween? 

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