BEAT LIKE BARBEE: Celebrity MUA, MakeupbyBarbee, takes Barbie glam to another level

Known for her pretty, Barbee-inspired glam, Sheceria Chamblis, affectionately known as
MakeupbyBarbee is taking the beauty industry by storm! As an award-winning makeup artist
with the keen ability to transform lives from the inside out with her ‘girly girl glam,’ Sheceria’s
work has been seen on countless hit shows such as Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta,
VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, and Couple’s Therapy.


Chambliss is making Barbee‘s name known in the world of celebrity makeup as her work has been
seen on Nene Leakes, Kali, Alexis Sky, Attorney Kendra Robinson, Scar Lip, Jessica White, and
many more. HYPE HAIR had the honor and privilege to chat with the visionary about Barbee’s
journey to being one of the top celebrity makeup artists in the game.

Barbee Tell Us About Your Journey To Becoming A Celebrity Makeup Artist. How Did You Get Your Star?

I actually got started working with celebrity Shay Johnson. I was her makeup artist for a year
and in between that next year, she actually started filming with Love & Hip Hop Miami. I started
working with that show and then I ended up working with a couple of other shows for Bravo and
BET. So here I am now, and I work with other celebrities.
You have worked with some of the greats such as Nene Leakes, Porsha Williams, Kendra
Robinson, Kayla Nicole, and more.


What has been one of your greatest experiences to date working with some of your high-profile clientele?

One of the things that I really have learned a lot from working with my celebrity clients is that it’s
not just about being an artist, but also about being professional–Being on time, available,
and just learning. I really learned from them–My best experience is being personal with them
and learning who they are. They are celebrities but they are still human. When you first come in,
it’s always ‘Oh, I want to work with a celebrity,’ but it’s more to work with a celebrity than just
doing their glam. You have to know that they’re human beings. Once you realize that, then it



What Was The Inspiration Behind Your Brand Name, MakeupbyBarbee?

Oh, so this is funny, one of my best friends back in the day was named LaRosa. I was a little
ghetto but then I had the other side. I looked like a Barbee so she always used to be like, you
know, you’re a black Barbee. So when I first came out I named myself BLK Barbee, but I wanted
to differentiate myself from the other artists out there. I wanted to be different so I ended up
naming myself MakeupbyBarbee and it also sounds professional.

What Are Some Of Your Tips For Maintaining Healthy, Glowing Skin In The Winter?


I will say moisturizer–like a deeper moisturizer, especially if you’re dry. It helps penetrate and
gets deep into the skin. I would also say eye cream under the eyes because we get really dry
under our eyes, and just keep a really good ChapStick because I know this winter my lips have
been really really chapped. So I try to keep some Carmex in my bag at all times.

What How Can We Transition Our Skin From Winter To Spring, And Maintain Moisture And Healthy Skin With The Transitions Of The Seasons?

Oh yeah, it gets really really dry in the winter. But then when it’s summertime, it depends on
where you live. I’m in Georgia so it’s really humid. Once the summer or spring comes in and it
gets hot, you know your skin gets that extra moisture anyway, but if you’re in a drier area like
up north, you still need to maintain a really good routine as moisturizing in the morning and
moisturizing at night. So, keeping a really good skin routine is great. You can go to Sephora and
you can get a skincare kit and inside they’ll have a moisturizer for the day and then a
moisturizer for the night. Normally the moisturizer for the nighttime is a little bit thicker. But as
long as you keep your skin moisturized and then tone your skin also especially if you’re up north
because you get a lot of dead skin cells so if you tone, that’ll take away the dead skin cells also.


What Are Some Of Your Favorite Hair And Beauty Products?

I would say my favorite hair product right now because I wear a lot of frontals, I would say a
really good thick grease. Just to grease my scalp in between my braids. I only use Blue Magic, to
be honest. For beauty products, I would say 1DayBeauty is really good because I do have a lot of
clients that have dry skin. So 1DayBeauty actually helps with dry patches. I use that for all my
clients especially before I put the foundation. It’s a part of my prep routine

I Know You Have A Concentration In Film/Print, Bridal, And Skincare, What Is Your Favorite Beauty Niche, And Why?

Oh, I love Beauty Blender–I can use that for everything. I can use it for moisturizer, I can use it
for foundation, I can use it to blend. Beauty Blender is my go-to. I have to have it for all my
clients. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing bridal if I’m doing TV film, if I’m doing print, I have to have
my beauty blender. If I don’t have my beauty blender, I will definitely run to the store. If I leave it,
I’ll definitely run to the store and grab one, I can’t live without it. I have the Beauty Blender
brand, that’s the pink sponge, but then I have a cheaper brand, so I go between either or.

What Who Is Your Dream Celebrity Barbee To Work With, That You Haven’t Worked With Already?

Oh, I really, really, really want to work with Julia Roberts. I have loved Julia Roberts since the
movie Pretty Woman. She is that girl. And she is a really good person in general. Like you can
tell she stays in her own way. She’s just a good person and I would love to work with her. I
would love to; I hope she sees this article. (Laughs) But I would also say I do like Rihanna. I
know. A lot of people would say Beyonce, but I love RiRi.


What Advice Can You Offer To Aspiring Makeup Artists?

The first thing I would say is I get a lot of DMS and there are always a ton of questions. And one
of the questions that stuck out to me was how can I be a celebrity makeup artist. It’s not about
wanting to be a celebrity makeup artist. You shouldn’t ever get into the industry to do that. You
just go in loving what you do. And just being a good makeup artist in general. And then if you
are, then the celebrities will come. I felt like you should always go in just loving your gift. And

What Then If They Come, They Come to Know. So, I Get A Lot Of Questions On How To Be A Celebrity Makeup Artists Instead Of How To Be A Successful Makeup Artist.
What Is Next For You?

Oh, what do I want? Okay, so I love blush and everybody knows I love blush. I will blush
somebody till you can’t blush anymore. (Laughs) I do want to come out with a blush line
one day. That’s my next goal. And I do want to get into the Union. But I want to make sure most
of my kids are out of school, or in college because I know the Union. It actually requires a lot of
time. So that’s my goal; long term is to be in the union. But my goal for now is to come up with a
makeup line and come up with my own blush. That’s the start, then after that, lip gloss, and if it
ends up moving and I end up being really successful with it, then I will probably launch a whole

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