Get into the THICC of it all

Photo Credit: IG @Mogan Angelique Owens

Cocoa Butter Skin Lotion:

Moisture beauties it’s that time of year again when the seasons are changing. This can mean a lot of things especially when it comes down to being moisturized. Depending on where you are in the world, different climates can have an effect on your skin. Let’s make sure you are taking the best care of your skin whether you are traveling or staying put at home. 

Photo Credit: IG @Mogan Angelique Owens

Recently I stayed with a friend and noticed her Skin lotion was lacking some, weight. What do I mean by that? It was super thin and watery. I like my lotion to have some weight to it, or thickness. I told her, “What’s up with your skin lotion? No wonder you get ashy and dry every hour.” She mentioned that she typically picks up her lotion at a discount, I told her you could find an affordable Skin lotion with more quality. Since I travel quite often, I make sure I always have my skin necessities with me. I had to pull out my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion and hip her to the moisture game.

I told you I like my lotion to be thick, well Palmer’s is definitely passing the “Thicc” vibes. Palmers’ Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion is always rich and creamy. Now, I know what you are thinking. In hotter climates, you don’t want something so heavy as a moisturizer. Well, this is certainly not that. Palmers gives off a “thicc” application but feels lightweight, and grease-free, and give over 48 hours of moisture. Believe me, I would not steer you wrong, but don’t take my advice – try it out for yourself and embrace the “thickness.”

Photo Credit: IG @Mogan Angelique Owens

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