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Empowering the Black Family: Navigating the World of World Schooling

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Written By: Amber Nichols

World schooling is a dynamic approach to education that blends travel and learning, allowing children to experience the world firsthand. Here are ten steps to embark on a successful world schooling journey:

1. Define Your Goals:

Determine your educational objectives and what you want your children to learn from their global experiences.

2. Choose Destinations:


Research countries that align with your goals and offer diverse cultural, historical, and natural experiences.

3. Create a Flexible Curriculum:

 Design a curriculum that combines traditional subjects with local cultural immersion, language learning, and hands-on experiences.

4. Plan Ahead:

 Arrange accommodation, transportation, and activities in advance to ensure a smooth transition between destinations.

5. Embrace Local Culture:

Engage with local communities, traditions, and customs to promote cultural understanding and empathy.


6. Document the Journey:

Encourage your children to keep journals, blogs, or vlogs to reflect on their experiences and foster creativity.

7. Use Technology Wisely:

 Leverage online resources, educational apps, and virtual platforms to supplement learning while on the go.

8. Connect with Other World Schoolers:

 Join online communities or local meetups to connect with other families pursuing similar educational paths.

9. Balance Exploration and Study:


Find a rhythm that allows for both exploration and focused study, ensuring academic progress.

10. Adapt and Evolve:

Be open to adjusting your plans based on your children’s interests, local opportunities, and unforeseen circumstances.

World schooling offers a unique opportunity for children to become global citizens, fostering independence, adaptability, and a deeper appreciation for the world’s diversity.

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