Kash Doll On Demand October Issue: Available This Week

Kash Doll

Written By: Maui Bigelow

If you know anything about street code, you know the importance of supplying the demand. This is something Detroit rapper, Arkeisha Antoinette Knight better known as Kash Doll has been doing her entire life.

The oldest of six siblings, Kash Doll began working to help her single mother support their family at a young age. She briefly attended college but decided to take her talents to the strip club in an effort to ensure her family’s financial needs were met. So yeah, before the fame in the music and television industries, there was a demand for Kash and as a born hustler, she did what needed to be done to supply that demand.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful lyricist on the set of her Hype Hair photoshoot where her love for music was apparent. Kash Doll made request after request and to my surprise, she was in her R&B bag most of the night. What is this, has motherhood softened her, is she a certified lover girl? Maybe a little of both but she is obviously a lover of music and how could she not be? She hails from one of the most soulful places on the map, so music runs deep. At a young age, Kash Doll began free-styling and writing lyrics and once she built relationships and gained respect in the strip club, she introduced people to her true gifts. That confidence was the beginning; it created a unique opportunity for the “Everybody” rapper who admits to making thousands per night in the strip club without dancing to supply yet another demand for Kash. 


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