Let’s Talk Tones: How to Choose Your Hair Color Based on Skin Undertones

Let’s Talk Tones: How to Choose Your Hair Color Based on Skin Undertones

Fall is upon us and so is your perfectly new shade! Satin Hair Color has 72 shades to choose from including 9 bold colors, but how do you choose your fall color?  The shade you choose should complement your skin tone, since hair frames the face. The wrong color can age you and make your skin appear dull and unhealthy. Here’s a guide to help determine if your skin tone is cool or warm, and the hair color that best complements it. 

Determine Your Skin Tone

There are several ways to determine skin tone. First, think about the way your skin reacts to the sun. Do you tan easily? If so, your skin undertone is likely warm or neutral. However, if you are prone to sunburn, your skin undertone is cool. Next, look at the veins in your wrist. If they look green, it’s reflective of a warm skin undertone. If they look blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. Still not entirely sure? Put on a white shirt or hold a piece of white paper next to your face and look in a mirror in a room with natural light. If your face appears yellow = warm undertones. If your face appears rosy = cool undertones. And if it’s neither? You’re a neutral. 


Keeping it Cool

For the most part, cool skin undertones are most flattered by cool hair color shades, but sometimes choosing an opposite tone can make a striking visual contrast. Think pale, cool freckly skin paired with a warm copper or strawberry blonde hue to boost your complexion. You can’t go wrong with ashy and icy hair colors to complement porcelain skin tone. Be careful about choosing brassy and yellowy hues, which can make your skin look dull. Also avoid true reds and purple if your skin is prone to redness. Dark skin color can have noticeable cool tones too. Choose cool, dark brown hair color shades that mimic your natural color.  

Satin Hair Color offers cool tones in the Ash series which includes Blue Black, Light Ash Brown, Dark Ash Brown, Ash Blonde, Very Light Ash Blonde, and Ultra-Light Ash Blonde.  

Warm it Up

Natural blondes are typically fair skinned, so honey and golden blonde hair colors are a great match for their warm complexion. Don’t go more than half a tone darker, or it will wash you out.

Natural brunettes with fair skin and warm undertones should choose between cool brown and warm brown hair colors. Think milk chocolate, caramel, or golden brown if you have green or hazel eyes. Ashy brown colors lean toward silver and accentuate blue or gray eyes. If you’re looking to enhance the warm undertone of dark or olive skin, try a rich gold balayage or ombre. Keep your roots deep and natural for best results. 

Find your warm color with Satin Hair Color’s Gold Series which include Golden Brown, Light Golden Brown, Dark Golden Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Golden Blonde, Very Light Golden Blonde, and Ultra-Light Golden Blonde shades. 



It doesn’t matter if you have fair, caramel, or chocolate skin, neutral undertones can support warm and cool hair colors. Opt for warm hair color shades to look younger and radiant. Chocolate-skinned beauties can experiment with both ash and gold colors but should ideally remain within the same level of depth as their natural hair. Natural colors are the best-selling colors which work with most skin tones. The Satin Natural Series Include Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Blonde, Light Blonde, Very Light Blonde, and Ultra-Light Blonde. 

Make any shade you choose a permanent or demi-permanent formulation when paired with our customizable Satin Developers. It will give you 100% coverage with up to 3 full applications. Now that you know how to find your perfect shade, what will you choose? Shop your fall color at Beauty Supply stores near you! Check SatinHairColor.com for a list of retailers and browse our collection of available colors.  

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